Intrigue Theater - Sean-Paul the Illusionist

Intrigue Theater -  Sean-Paul the Illusionist

Intrigue Theater
80 Mountain Street
Eurkea Springs, AR 72632
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Back for its 10th season! Intrigue Theater Presents: PERPLEXED! starring Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay---
After a recent west coast tour – performing at Hollywood’s Magic Castle and Marvyn’s magic Theater, and Juliana Fay taping an appearance with Masters of Illusion which aired on 6/19/20 – Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay will reopen with a new show called “PERPLEXED!”---

To create this new experience, they went into their Magic Vault and returned with a blend of Magic that is sure to please all tastes. It’s a combination of past segments and other effects never seen in Eureka Springs. Each very special evening of Intrigue & Mystery is extremely limited in seating.---

“Perplexed!” will push the limits of what this unique intimate magic venue can support.  You’ll witness powerful and amazing Stage Illusions as well as Sleight-of-Hand artistry that will be captured with a live camera feed and magnified on a screen overhead.---

This fast-paced experience is 75 minutes long and moves quickly. Don’t blink!---

PARANORMAL EXPERIMENTS-mark a return to Intrigue Theater’s origins with a selection of the most popular and intriguing effects from previous years. The interactive experience will Challenge Your Reality - exploring timeless mysteries, past-life regression, shadow conspiracies, and ghosts!

Set in a historic building known for its towering stained glass windows and cathedral architecture, the exclusive experience begins the moment you pass through the bell-tower entrance and step foot inside the intimate venue. Every show is uniquely amazing.

The reboot of this nationally-acclaimed Paranormal performance is a finite engagement and seating is limited.

"PORTAL" is a new production for 2021! This engaging, logic-defying presentation of magic and mystery is consistent with the Intrigue brand that has captivated audiences since 2011.---

What secrets can be found within the Mastery of DaVinci’s mind? Can Tesla’s patents and experiments in teleportation be confirmed? What alchemy was at play for the Oracle of Delphi? And what answers might she give you today? Newly-released UFO files prompt an exploration of what is among us. Mysteries – old and new – serve as the backdrop for spellbinding illusions. As always, Sean-Paul & Juliana fay will Challenge Your Reality!---

Set within the historic walls of a century-old stone building, this is a one-of-a-kind experience begins at the bell-tower entrance. The elegance of the venue – marked by cathedral ceilings, stained-glass windows, chandeliers, a golden spiral staircase, flaming footlights – and the scenically-changing portal work in unison to frame this world-class performance.---

Running showtime is 90 minutes plus a 10-minute intermission---

**The theater is sanitized between shows and the experience is mindful of the “new norms” of social distancing and face coverings.---
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Saturday, 12/10/2022 at 5:45 PM

Intrigue Theater - Sean-Paul the Illusionist


General Admission $29.95

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