Intrigue Theater - Halloween Show

Intrigue Theater - Halloween Show

The Auditorium
36 S Main St
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
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This year's Halloween show will feature something that we have been contemplating for YEARS. In the past, we’ve explored the Salem Witch Trials – and how innocent people were hanged because they couldn’t prove that they were not “a witch.” While on tour and performing at the Haunted King Opera House in Van Buren last October, we learned about the infamous Judge Parker who sentenced over 80 Outlaws to be hanged in the gallows here in Arkansas! If you’ve seen Juliana Fay’s Ghost Talking performances, you know it has the potential to convert hardened skeptics into believers. Blindfolded on stage, Juliana listens to what the spirits convey and is able to seemingly make the connection between the spirit world and members of the audience.  Her performance amazes audiences in 2017… imagine what they would have thought back in late 1800’s! What might have happened if the Fort Smith authorities found the Ghost Talkers performance to be some kind of supernatural witchcraft? Superstitious and uptight religious beliefs might sway a jury and judge to respond to the Ghost Talker’s unexplainable abilities with capital punishment. “The Court finds Juliana Fay GUILTY of supernatural acts of heresy and it sentenced to Death!” On October 28th come see if the spirits will aid the Ghost Talker in cheating death!
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